Windscribe VPN Review 2022 | About Windscribe VPN Lifetime Deal 

Windscribe VPN Review 2022 | About Windscribe VPN Lifetime Deal – Windscribe is a top- rated VPN and wins 6th position among best VPN services. It is a trustworthy service with vast features and a generous data allowance. In this article, I am going to review the Windscribe VPN service. 

I am requesting you to read the article till the end to get an overall idea about Windscribe VPN service provider. 

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What Is Windscribe?

Windscribe is a Canada based virtual private network (VPN) provider. It is not only a VPN service but rather it is a multipurpose application system.  This service was founded in 2015 by Yegor SakIt . It also works for protecting your online privacy, removing ads and blocking or unblock websites. At present, it serves a total in 63 countries. 


  • Windscribe is a low- cost VPN service provider. 
  • It also offers a free plan for a limited time period with limited (10 GB max) data. 
  • It works on MacOS, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, and iPhone.
  • Windsribe will also spoof your GPS location and time zone. 
  • This VPN has more than 100 city locations to choose from and provides GEO restriction unblocking policy for the users. 
  • It is able to unblock all the major streaming services including US Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime Video and others. 
  • It offers unlimited stimulus connections. 
  • This service is trustworthy because it offers a 60 days money- back warranty if you don’t like their service. 

Privacy and Security

For privacy, Windscribe uses military-grade encryption with advanced security features. It also has a strict log policy to protect user’s login information. To protect sensitive information of the customers, it includes an advanced leak protection system.  But in this VPN, there is no parental control option. Therefore, it is not safe for kids to use. 

Customer Service

Windscribe has opened their VPN service in 63 countries. It gives 24/7 support to the customers. This service also provides a 60 days money back guarantee for their customers. Moreover, to secure data against leak, it has a kill switch to block internet access on connection drop. It also has limited IPv6 and DNS traffic.

Another safety protocol of this VPN service is IP blocking tool R.O.B.E.R.T. It will allow you to browse faster by blocking ads, malware and trackers. 

For security purposes, this platform also keeps temporary connection records for example- VPN server, username, time, bandwidth and total use of data within a RAM. That means the stored data will be lost after the session. There is no permanent record of the users kept by the Windscribe authority.

But it is also found in the VPN trial test that customer support of Windscribe is the weakest area. Because their help guide is not properly organized. Also, there is no video tutorial added to their customer support system. Again, they take longer to respond to a problem. The surveyor finds these reasons enough to consider Windscribe’s customer support system infirm.


You can buy a paid service of Windscribe which will cost you $9 per month and $49 per year

Free Plan 

Along with paid service, Windscribe has free plans too. It also offers browser extension, side blocking and VPN service with extra control and security. It will allow you 10 GB internet usage per month with your free account. Moreover, you can use unlimited internet pack buying a paid membership of Windscribe. 

This free plan is now available in 11 countries. But if you don’t sign up with a valid email address, you may lose 2 GB data from your free account. That means, you will be able to use 8 GB total data with a non- valid email ID in Windscribe free service. 

Also, if you don’t want to reveal your ID that is absolutely fine with Windscribe. Because you can use their service as an anonymous user.

Note: For a paid Windscribe account, choose a privacy focused payment option and it will help you to keep your identity a secret.  Try it

Speed – Windscribe VPN Review 2022 | About Windscribe VPN Lifetime Deal 

200- 490 Mbps is the Windscribe speed range. 

Windscribe VPN Pros & Cons


  • Windscribe has P2P and torrenting permission for most of the sites.
  • It provides full protection to users’ information and privacy. 
  • It has both a paid and free version available.
  • Windscribe is a beginner -friendly VPN with non- interrupted connection.
  • It is really easy to use and operate. 


  • In Windscribe, no video or live chat option available for customer service.
  • Its response rate to customer’s problems is very slow. 
  • It does not have any parental control system.
  • All history is removed after you log off your VPN. 
  • This VPN does not work properly for long- distance area. 
  • This service does not follow any industry-based rule and the authority left the security key unencrypted and unprotected. 

Overall Findings:

Windscribe provides good and beginner- friendly service. It also includes a free plan for the users. But they need to be careful and work more on VPN security audits. It is better to keep the security key private and spying on others browsing history should be stopped. Moreover, they should work on and update their customer service and bring it in a proper format. Try it here.

To conclude, Windscribe is a good and feature- friendly VPN service. You will receive fast service and wide access to different sites. 

That’s all for today. Thank you.