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Save Your WordPress With Backup Guard WordPress Plugin

WordPress Backup Plugin | Backup Guard WordPress Plugin – When you develop a website, it becomes a precious thing to you. Isn’t it? To secure your site, it obviously needs backups to restore the domain name and other settings. In this case, Backup Guard WordPress Plugin is a good choice to restore, migrate and backup your data, files and sites.
In this article, I am going to discuss in detail about the Backup Guard WordPress Plugin. Read this article till the end and hopefully it will help you to save and restore your site properly.

What is a Website Backup Service?

Website backup is a way to restore your website’s contents so that they won’t get lost. You can store a backup copy of your site either in your computer, cloud storage or Google drive so that you will always have a backup for your site. If something goes wrong, the backup version will help you to restore your site and make it like before. In this way, you don’t need to worry about losing your entire site or data because you will always have a backup option available while running your site..

Why is a Website Backup Necessary?

Suppose, you accidently delete some important features, documents or plugins; what will you do? Don’t worry. If you have a backup plugin purchased, you can easily regain the deleted files, settings and documents in your site.
Keeping a website backup is necessary because it will always save a copy of your site. Then you can easily reset your site after a sudden crash. Also, if you face technical issues with your site, the backup guard will be helpful restoring the previous version of your site. Needless to say, it will save both your time and energy.

About Backup Guard WordPress Plugin

Backup Guard is a well- known WordPress plugin which provides the easiest way to restore, migrate or backup your site with all the files and data. With this plugin, you will always have a backup copy of your website in hand. Also, you can restore your site whenever needed.

You can download the Backup guard Pro from the link below-

Purchase Plan

However, the Backup Guard WordPress Plugin lifetime offer is not available now. But you can purchase the Gold Plan at a discount price of $39 only. This plan is valid for 1 year. After the expiry date, you can extend the validity or renew your plan.
This plugin service also offers a Silver plan for the beginners. It is very much affordable as a starting plan.. It will cost you $25 only. At the same time, it will offer you a lot of features. Moreover, you can run up to 2 websites with this plan. It will also allow you to migrate, restore and backup your site within a short time. Isn’t it awesome?
This silver plan also allows you automatic backup for your site and you will receive notifications through email for backup of your website. But you can enjoy more features with the Platinum plan which will cost you $99 per year.

Installing Process:

Installing the BackupGuard plugin is very easy. Simply click on BackupGuard from your WordPress menu and log in with your details. There are three types of backup options. They are- Custom, partial full backup. You can choose any one from them to run your website.
Besides, BackupGuard cloud function will provide you site an extra level of security and you can store these backups offsite too.
Don’t worry about the backup timing. It is an automatic process and you can schedule it in your preferred time. But don’t forget to choose the timeline how often you want your site to take backups. For example, daily, monthly or weekly? It’s totally up to you. This plugin supports Amazon, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and pCLoud.

Backup Guard Features:

WordPress Backup Guard can work on low memory and shared hosting territory.
It also provides backup support for large websites.
The Backup Guard company gives 60 days money- back guarantee. 2 months is enough to judge a plugin service.
It works for website backup, restore and migration.
You will also receive notifications of backup through email.
You can also customize the backup name.
To save your site from hackers, it provides limited login attempts.
Using this Backup Guard plugin your site will take automatic backup and you don’t need to spend extra time to update your site.
The risk of losing data will become less with this plugin.
It also supports monitoring, scanning and firewall features.
You can also cancel the backup process anytime.

Pro Backup Guard Features:

With the pro plugin, you can easily migrate your site from one domain to another.
You can set multiple schedules to backup your data and files.
With the Pro Backup Guard Plugin, you can do automatic migration to your site.
You can customize backup naming and the backup retention to the server with Pro Backup Guard.
It will also provide you 24/7 emergency service.

Some Common Actions to Backup Your WordPress Website
Choose a name for your website backup and fill the blank for backup name under create and restore section. Wait for a few minutes and then you will get a new backup for your website.
Now, if you want to restore selective files, data, mails, info from your site, just click on backup and then manage the backup section. Then go to the action menu and select which specific files or folders you want to restore to your site. Lastly, click restore and save to update the changes to your site.
However, if you want to restore the full version of your site, what should you do? You have to go to manage backup and select your preferred backup version (if you have multiple backups) and proceed to restore and finally, click save to permanentize the restored version.
Moreover, there are three different types of migration possible for a site. you can migrate a WordPress website to a sub directory domain to a root directory domain. You can also migrate two or multiple sites between different domains or hosts. You are also allowed to shift your site to a completely new domain. For broader access, you can easily migrate your site from a local server to a remote server.


Does Backup Guard provide migration with the free version?
Yes, the Backup Guard allows migration with the free version. But certain conditions are applicable:
No change in the domain is allowed
Similarly, changes in the database prefix is permitted
But if you want to bring changes in certain symbols while migrating your site, you should use the Backup Guard pro version. Just select the new location for your site and the rest of the things will be done by Backup Guard authority.

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