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Namecheap Review | Cheap Domain & WebHost 2024: Namecheap was founded in 2000 by Richard kirkrndall. He believed that all classes of internet users should have the opportunity to experience exceptional services and affordable domain names.  They’ve already caught three million customers over the past few years. Namecheap treats domains, websites and hosting packages as a necessity, not luxury. They are working to make it accessible to all, not just people with knowledge of code writing and dashboard features.  If anyone’s looking for a website hosting backed by the facilities of customer service and impressive uptime, all these are available in Namecheap. It works as both a domain register and also private email plans provider. Although it provides affordable website hosting, it still has some drawbacks. Namecheap is a very effective option for both starting website hosts or specialized VPN hosting. Official Web Site links

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of this platform (Namecheap Review | Cheap Domain & WebHost 2024).


Uptime: the uptime that the provider delivers is a very essential thing to consider while choosing a website host. Downtime can cost the sale of the user, lose visitors, and means that the user might skip necessary leads.

Namecheap delivers attractive uptime guaranties. However, these guarantees depend on the types of accounts the users choose to use. Resellers and VPS accounts work under guarantee and have 99.9% monthly uptime. Its shared, business, and dedicated server accounts are supported by 100% uptime guarantee. Besides these offers, it also provides extended servicing in exchange for service outages. Customers get the opportunity of receiving a full day hosting for each hour of downtime exceeding the agreement in their plans. According to this plan, Namecheap will provide up to one month of free service per year via this offer. But this free hosting won.t cover up any sales, business or leads, which means Namecheap insists to avoid downtime. 

Security For Web Owner

Security: To build a site, one has to put a lot of efforts. So, it is equally important to take steps to keep the site safe and secured. Namecheap provides a series of security solutions. 

The customers receive many security features for free. Some features are: Two factor authentication with U2F, TOTP, and OneTouch, these facilities are provided for free to maximize account safety and customer information. 

Every registration under Namecheap hosting includes WhoisGuard privacy protection service which keeps the necessary information out of Whois database, so the customers don’t get any spam calls or mails. SSL certificates help to protect the customers from identity theft which is really useful and important for the users. Namecheap offers these certificates, and the price starts from $4.88 per year. SSL certificates are also free with shared hosting plans. They also provide additional securities like VPN services, which ensures security while using public networks for maintaining privacy while browsing or gaming. The premium DNS features provided by Namecheap provides faster DNS performance. It is programmed for business, which closes security gaps and helps to prevent attacks towards the site. 

Fast Loading Speed

Speed: Fast speed is really important for keeping visitors on a website and in providing quality service to the customers. Although there are many ways to boost up the website’s speed, but the users are always dependent on the host’s speed one way or another. Namecheap says that it uses the newest and speediest Dell and Supermicro web servers. SSD drives are secured with RAID, and each of the servers is facilitated with minimum 16 Intel Xeon CPU cores and 64 GB RAM to enlarge capacity and enhance performance. 

Namecheap prefers placing a ‘lighter load’ on its computers to give the customers site “breathing room” during rush hours. 

Customer Service:  There are so many options that Namecheap offers. The Help Center provides a bunch of suggestions, blogs, helpful videos, and other necessary information about the products. FAQs and step by step instructions are also classified according to different products and services. Which is really useful for finding any information the customers need. 

The Help Center also updates all the necessary status. These include updates about different services, so that the site owners can observe the performance of the site and stay aware about any change that has happened or could happen. Customers needing immediate help can throw questions directly through live chats to the help center and get quick answers from them. Usually, it offers 24/7 customer service but there can be problems for a lack of phone support. 

Plan Options: One hosting plan might not be suitable for all kinds of businesses. A well-established business which has multiple sites and attracts almost 50000 visitors per month will need different plan from a new business site which might want only a thousands of customers a month. Namecheap helps the customers only by showing their plan lists and helping them understand which plan is the most suitable for their business. The pricing process is also easily described so all the things are sorted out by host itself. As the plans include how many monthly visitors they will allow and also the service providing procedures such as discounts and offers etc. which help to choose the perfect plan suitable for different types of business. 

Migration: Migrating to a new hosting provider might be of a hassle to many, but a good hosting provider always takes care of its customers even if they decide to migrate to another provider. Namecheap is always there for the customers while they change their server. But for getting those privileges, the customers need to provide their hosting credentials, allowing the helping people to log in and migrate the site over. But the credentials sent are secured through SSL encryption, so there is no chance of any harm. They ensure migration within a day and there is a very little downtime experience faced. Namecheap offers a credit which equals the first shared hosting purchase price if the guarantee is nit kept. Their hosting migration offers are free.    

Shared Hosting:

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is among the most popular type of website hosting. This gives the benefit to use the same server as many other sites, and thus the customers will be able to get part of the server’s calculation skills. Namecheap offers three shared hosting plans that all include a free website constructor, unmetered bandwidth, and domain name with secrecy security. These plans are reversed by a 30 -day money back guarantee. All shared hosting plans are facilitated with 50 Free Positive SSL certificates for one year which are designed to be installed automatically. This facility saves a lot of time and ensures the readiness of a site. cPanel puts the owner under control of building, designing, and customizing a site. 

Fair Pricing Policy: Namecheap is very flexible in the renewal cases. There are many hosts who raise fees while the renewal time comes. Namecheap helps their customers by keeping the renewal price same always. So, if anyone renews website layout or improvise anything, the price will be all the same. 

Free Backups: All the Namecheap plans include free backups. The largest plans include daily backups with no additional charges. But also, other plans include backups like for twice a week and respectively according to the duration of the plan. As this is an age of technology and all, so data loss is an inevitable part of this age. But this is not dealt as a problem if there are well backup options which is really important for the websites, and this can protect them from facing any kinds of loss. Backup options include site updates, plugin malfunctions, and hacks for which this system is so helpful and popular among users. Regular automated backup options are a very rich feature of web hosts. 

Domain Registration Options: Namecheap works as an excellent domain registration platform. Namecheap has an amazing registration performance with clean interface, sweet deals, and innumerable TLDs available. So it can be an amazing option for domain registration without any doubt. 

Reselling options: Namecheap marketplace is a great place to resell domain names. So if any website decides to change domain name, then they can easily sell all the domain names. If any site  goes in contract, it is usually required to pay in advance for at least a year to start. So the owner has to use the name for a year, but if any changes is made, one will still be stuck with the contract. So it’s a great way to go another way by reselling the name and using a new name. you are reading Namecheap Review | Cheap Domain & WebHost 2021

This is pretty comforting for the user that there is an option of reselling although the plan is not over. Anyone can list domain names, make a pricing for selling those, and sell them to the potential buyers who actually need it and want to buy. But for selling throughout their marketplace, Namecheap charges 10% flat fee for every domain name sold. But this charge is completely okay as they are hosting websites for you as well as giving the chance to resell domain names which can be profitable for owners. 

Buyers can look up to the marketplace to find suitable domain names for their websites. So this is a great platform for buyers as well as sellers of domain names and Namecheap is working as a great business institution for everyone.  Click here to start now

WordPress Managed Host

WordPress Managed Host: If anyone is interested in using wordpress managed hosts, Namecheap can also provide that facility to that particular user. The content management system of this host very popular among people for it serves them with what they want the most. And WordPress managed hosts is a very mentionable thing that they provide for the people. There is no smart updating strategy which comes with any staging environment that user can use to make any differences before finalizing them. It also does not provide any packed plugins or anything that can resemble some advanced features.

The only privilege provided is that the user will find which Namecheap has the infrastructure that it provides. The WordPress will run on the cloud system provided by the Namecheap and will initiate from all the surrounding websites that are not suitable for the shared hosting. Namecheap says that it provides three times faster connection than the standard WordPress. And for ensuring availability, one has to select an additional shared hosting plan. 

Affordable WordPress hosting prices:

Affordable WordPress hosting prices: The main concerning thing about WordPress is the price. As, first the package is charged for $1 for the starting month which then becomes $3.88 for the same time period. Besides, based on the annual package, one can pay $1.91 dollars per month, or $2.94 upon renewal. Namecheap offers gigabytes of storage and support for 50000 visitors every month, which is more than enough for many websites.

There is the advantage of secured socate layer certificate which is very necessary in the field of e-commerce, to protect information from outside parties, which can be harmful if there is information leakage. There are more options for extended resources. It offers 50 GB of storage with 200 thousand customers per month which costs 7.8 dollars if monthly paid and 3.74 dollars if annually paid. 

The next level package offers 100 GB storage and catches 500 thousand visitors every month. It costs 11,81 dollars if monthly paid and 4.16 dollars if annually paid. These delivered packages are the result of Cloudflare content delivery network integration. They provide more random access memory and CPU time than other packages that were mentioned before.

The delivered packages are very affordable according to the services these provide, when someone needs WordPress basics. So Namecheap delivers services by keeping their promises to the customers. Supersonic plans are designed to handle a lot of busy websites efficiently. High quality WordPress professional range can offer a staging environment which will permit to test website updates before making them live. 

VPS Hosting – Name Cheap Reviews 2021

VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Sever   is the hosting that permits dedicating solutions such as RAM, CPU and others to a website owner. Majorly, two plans work under VPS hosting. 

VPS pulsar: Under this plan, the owner will get 2GB RAM and 2 crores CPU. Also, 40 GB raid 10 SSD is added to the storage with 1000 GB bandwidth advantage. The price is different according to the difference of the time period of the service. Per month cost is, $14.88, three months cost is $43.88, six months cost is $86.88, annual cost is $168.88. 

VPS quasar: This hosting plan delivers some special quality services but in exchange for a higher price. In this case, the owner will get 120 GBSSD raid10. 6 GB RAM and 4 crores CPU is provided through this plan. Along with this, 3000 GB bandwidth is delivered under this plan. Here discount is only with the long- term plans. For monthly payment it is $24.88, for 3 months it is $72.88, for 6 months it is $144.88 and for 1 year it is $288.88. VPS hosting is very popular among people for the protection, service and facilities it provides. This plan providers use SSD drives, which is 20 times faster than the standard hard disks.

They use cPanel which is really easy to control. The score of this hosting is really high because it is built with latest technologies and tools. The network provider of this hosting is also very well which provides high performance network. The download time is very fast and loading time also comparatively slow. There are more privileges of using this. The plan is upgradable and downgradable also. So, the users can choose upgraded virsion if more number of resources are needed and also if less resources are needed plan can be downgraded. The security is very strong here. All the information is kept very private from third party. Click here to start now

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting: It can be introduced as a physical server which is dedicated to only a website. This hosting is a unique one from others. Xeon E3-1220 v3, 4 crores CPU of 3.1 GHz. The RAM is of 8 GB DDR3 and the hard drive is 500 GB. The bandwidth and price is 10TB and $58.88 per month. The same price can provide SSD of 300 GB under the same plan in the alternate. 

Xeon E3-1240 v3, CPU of 4 crores and 3.4 GHz. The RAM of 8 GB DDR3, hard drive of 2×1 TB, bandwidth 100 TB. The price is $139.88. The exactly same plan is available with no change in the price for SSD of 120 GB and SSD 120×2 GB is available for $149.88. 

Xeon E5-2620 v2, with 12 crores processor of 2.1 GHz, RAM of 32 GB DDR3 bandwidth 100 TB and Hard drive of 2×1 TB at a price of $329.88. The same plan with 32 GB of DDR3 RAM and SSD of 2×240 GB is available at the price $309.88 and with SSD of 4×240 GB HW raid 10 and RAM of 64 GB DDR3 is at $379. 88. 

These prices are given according to per month calculation. 

Email Hosting Reviews:

Email Hosting Reviews: Email hosting can be used to promote personal brand with every email sent. Professional Business Email by Namecheap is very secured, ad free, and very fast. The system is customized in a way that every bit of information is passed and got. 

Some disadvantages of Namecheap are discussed below:

Poor Customer Support: There are some complains among the customers that sometimes the help center does not respond quickly to their problems. This can be huge drawback for their popularity 

and this can make a bad impression of them among other people. Among the complains, people said that they don’t get an easy solution when they tell their decision about migration, although they leave emails. So, this shows a negligence towards the customers and should be handled carefully. 

Lack of Data Centers: Namecheap has two data centers, one of which is located in the US and the other one located in the UK. Their VPS and reseller servers are located in Phoenix, Arizona and UK datacenter are in Nottingham. But that is not enough for handling so many customers AROUND THE WHOLE WORLD.  

Not the Cheapest for Short term Solution: Namecheap is not the best option for short term domain hosting. So,if people with limited income want to host for a test then it can be pretty depressing for them to use Namecheap. As they provide more technical and practical features, it may seem a little high costly for many people. So, for short term services, people might prefer other domain hosting services. 

Lack Phone Support: If people comfortable using the phones want to communicate with Namecheap help center through phones, it might be difficult for them, as there is a little problem with that. Namecheap communication is based on computer network which is not accessible with phones. So, lack of phone supports can be a major drawback of the platform. 

Hidden Fees: There are some hidden fees like promotional fees and renewal fees which is taken along with the annual fixed fees. 

Easy Dashboard: The dashboard of Namecheap is quite easy for some people. And this could be hard for the some people who start new blogging journey. Most of them are satisfied about name cheap dashboard

Features:Namecheap Web Hosting

  • Uses the latest server technology from popular brands
  • The most common control panel, cPanel is used to make life easier for users
  • The Softaculous installer enables to use WordPress or other applications with just a few clicks. 
  • Easy to upgrade hosting plans. 
  • All of their shared hosting plans have unmetered bandwidth. 
  • Backup opportunity twice a week. Besides, free backup service with Steller Plus and Steller Business. 
  • 100 + apps that work with a single click
  • Fast SSD Storage and cloud
  • Ad managing services
  • Buy or sell a domain, migration and maintaining privacy
  • Free website builder per plan
  • No contracts
  • Free mail accounts

Performance – Namecheap Review | Cheap Domain & WebHost 2021

Performance: Namecheap has a searchable knowledgebase which is customized into categories Most of the articles covering their performance are lengthy and detailed. Unusually, Namecheap customers can add comments to support document sand see others messages. This is often used to ask questions about internal issues. Then the staffs reply the questions of the customers.

Although there is no enough phone support, but there is live chat option which is answered within 30 minutes. Although, all these things are dependent on technological issues, real life experience can be different. But Namecheap offered better than most. The download speed collected from 16 locations around US and Europe confirmed that the average download speed is 1.9 s which is longer than most of the competitive webhost, even than some free providers. But in these cases, most of these service providers charge a very high price. So, in the case of Namecheap, as it is cheap, so this is pretty obvious to be a little slow than the costly ones. Lets get started today

Alternative Hosting Provider: 

  1. Blueshot
  • Good uptime
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • 24/7 customer support
  1. DreamHost:
  • Best monthly plans
  • 97 days refund period
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  1. GoDaddy:
  • Strong Uptime
  • Over 150+ Applicants
  • Good Customer Support
  1. HostPapa:
  • Extensive Support Options
  • Proactive Security Features
  • Great Uptime
  1. HostGator
  • Strong Uptime
  • Fast Load Times
  • Very User Friendly

Final Words: Namecheap is very popular for cheap charges and well privileges. The hosting plans offer fast, reliable services with full uptime guarantee. There are both the options, building a new site as well as finding domain names for existing sites, both accomplished by it. They provide services that are valuable and also excellent customer service. They offer 24/7 customer service, although there are some drawbacks that the response to the customers are often slow. 

So Feel Free Purchase namecheap domain & Web host.

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