Solved ! WordPress Common 20 Problems


Solved ! WordPress Common 20 Problems

  1. WordPress Common 20 Problems 

Introduction of WordPress:

Solved ! WordPress Common 20 Problems – WordPress is a famous open-source software which is used by millions of people from different regions around the world. You can create wonderful websites, blogs, and e-stores through it. It is completely customizable and you can choose individual plugins and themes for your site. But it is not free. You have to buy a plugin package to earn money from your site. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content organization system that manages the full complex process of creating, storing, and presenting web content to viewers in a unique manner. It offers more modern facilities and the user has the authority to keep or remove his or her website. It is more secure to use and the confidential information remains safe. You may have more options to use while you are conducting a website from WordPress. You can keep your site safely protected with a password or passcode. Also you will have the option to keep it private. You can also control which information of your sites can be accessed by others and which are privacy protected. As a site owner, only you have the authority to delete your account. If you don’t want to run it, you can also sell your site through WordPress

How does WordPress work?

WordPress is a web content management system that works interactively by the application of a database that contains multiple tables and charts. These tables stores all kind of information that is required to drive and specify a website. It also saves the personal information of the website owner. You must have knowledge about database organization and information security and management before running a WordPress website. 

Now, another question may come to our mind that what kind of website we can build using WordPress.  When WordPress was introduced, it was nothing but a typographic advancement. But later, it becomes a wide network and offers large opportunities to create all kinds of websites and make them safe. It is widely developed by contributors and associates. As time passes, it grows more and engages a lot of audiences, and creates a strong community between them. You will get investors, investment chances, buyers, and potential customers, multiple options of one product, communication opportunities, and creative platforms through WordPress.  Still, WordPress is growing with a vision to offer more opportunities to users.

At this stage, I want to discuss the present implementations developed by WordPress. They are-

E-commerce Websites: 

WordPress offers a great and active platform for E-Commerce websites. It has a powerful structure with the ability to categorize contents using proper themes and suitable criteria. Also, WordPress shows content in a very organized way which attracts the customer more. You will also have a positive space to communicate with others relating to trade and business. So, in the present context, WordPress is considered one of the renowned options for E-commerce websites. 

 Educational/Library Websites: 

For creating and developing educational websites, WordPress is the perfect option to choose. One of the important features of WordPress is to manage documents and organize them in the right way. So, it can be used to create a book collection, library or educational website.  

Personal Websites: 

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best ways to show your talent by creating personal blogs or small business websites through it. It has individual sections and you can organize your contents according to your preference. It will bring you a large number of visitors and audiences. Again, it is very easy to use. Overall, you will have a good experience through it.  

WordPress has many positive sides. In spite of these, there are some problems that often occur with it. Now I am going to discuss them.

According to the user’s opinion, what are the most annoying problems of WordPress?

  1.  Inconsistent state: This situation may occur when an access database file is shared through a network. Because database files can’t be opened by multiple users. This option is open for security purposes. But sometimes it creates problems and your IP address also be blocked. So, users have to take another platform to share the file.  
  2. Needs Customization:  WordPress websites need full customization and have to provide a lot of information before confirming an account. It costs a lot of time. 
  1. Security Issues: Though WordPress is mostly known for its privacy policy, sometimes security issues may occur.  Corrupted files, unknown users, internet viruses, hackers, unlicensed ids can attack your site which is known as a cyber-attack. So, you have to be careful about it. 
  1. Updates are Difficult to Keep Up with:  Many users complain that WordPress follows a quick update procedure. For that reason, it seems difficult for them to cope up with it. Though many people praise the new quick changes made by WordPress authority. 
  1. Page Speed: Obviously, the slow page speed of WordPress websites become another annoying issue. It creates a lot of disturbance in website management. Sometimes, it takes much time to load a single page. 
  1. No Built-In Backup System: Though the WordPress community is always sincere about security issues they have no backup system. So, once your data is lost, it will be lost forever. It does not matter if it is your device issue or connection problem. There is no backup option. 
  1. Frequent Error Messages: Here is another issue that often occurs. Error messages come into the inbox and the important messages go down. Sometimes, these error messages create a lot of trouble. Even website stops working for it. 

Common WordPress Errors

Now, we are going to discuss the top 20 common problems found by WordPress users. 

Note: These are the issues found by different surveys and on the internet. So, there can be other problems as well. 

  1. The White Screen of Death:  

If Both PHP error and database error occurs together, it will appear as a white or blank screen in front of the users. The WordPress community calls it WordPress White Screen of Death. No information will be shown here. Now, let’s look at the reasons behind this problem.

Now, I am going to discuss two types of solutions of this problem. 

  • A Plugin is causing compatibility issues: If you can see the administration page, then work on plugins and deactivate them. Later, activate them again one by one. But if you can’t access your screen, then log in to the website via FTP, locate the folder and rename it. This will deactivate all your previous plugins. To know more, you can visit the troubleshooting FAQ.   
  • Your theme may be causing the problem: In another case, if it occurs immediately after activating a new theme or creating a new site in WordPress. Do one thing, log in to the WordPress administration page and choose a default theme.   
  1. Internal Server Error message

There can be many reasons to occur server error in your website. Here are some solutions included: 

  • A corrupted .htaccess file can cause a server error in your website. What you have to do is to log in to your site using FTP and rename it. Then see if it works. Next you have to go to settings, then permalinks to set a new .htaccess file. 
  • Again, you can also solve the server error problem by deactivating all your plugins. If you can’t access the administration page, you can open plugins via FTP and deactivate them. 
  • You can also Increase the PHP Memory limit to solve this internal server error issue. 
  1. Error Establishing Connection  

If you get a message saying “Error Establishing Database Connection,” it means there is trouble or blockage with the connection to your database and there could be a number of possible reasons for this. 

  1. Problems with Your Web Host 

If you are facing accessing the web, contact your web host. The reasons behind this problem can be- 

  1. Your database has shut down
  2. The server becomes slow or completely down
  3.  Your internet connection faces some problems
  4. The IP address is blocked or it needs verification. Contact your hosting provider to see if either of these issues is causing your problem.

5.Failed Auto-Upgrade  

The WordPress network has the option of taking auto upgrades for your site. But somehow, if it stops or fails to make updates, it will show you a warning.   

Symptoms are:

  • You may see a blank white screen with no information available.
  • You may get a warning message that auto-update has failed.  
  • Also You may, receive a PHP error message if the auto-upgrade is failed. 

Why this happens: 

  1. If your site loses connection with the main WordPress network
  2. A problem with your internet connection
  3. It may need file permissions to take the update
  4. If an automatic update is denied or a scheduled update has been set by the user.

These are some of the problems which can cause failed auto upgrades in your WordPress website. 

6.Connection Timed Out 

The website may face connection timed out problems when it is trying to do a lot of things together and the system becomes hanged. It manually happens when your memory is almost full or it is restricted by other instructions. Here are some things you can try to solve it:

  • Deactivate Plugins. If one individual plugin of your site is responsible for it, deactivate the plugin. On the other hand, if you can’t find the exact problematic plugin, uninstall all plugins and then install them again. It may solve your problem.
  • Change to a default theme. Switching from your customized theme to a default theme may sometimes be the solution.  
  •  Increase your memory. Increasing your memory limit by your hosting provider can solve this timed-out issue.
    1. Briefly blocked for scheduled maintenance: 

Your website may sometimes be unavailable for scheduled maintenance. It is necessary for the security and upgrade procedure of the site and observing if the site is properly visible or not. You have to wait for a moment until the work is finished. You can also close the maintenance program from your site. But it may risk your site in the future because you don’t have any backup security for your site. 

  1. You Make Changes but Nothing Happens 

If you can’t see the changes from your browser that you made in your site, you need to clear your browser history. Because it shows the previous tab because it takes less time to load.

You can also close all tabs from your browser then refresh your device and open the site again. You will be able to see all the changes that you made to your site. But don’t make too many changes at a time because it may cause a crash in your site. 

  1. 404 error not found and Images not Working  

If you see this kind of message, it means there occurs a problem loading your data which is available on site but not accessible at this moment.

What you should do: 

  1. Close all the tab from the current browser and try to re-open them.
  2. Wait for sometimes and then check
  3.  Check your internet connection
  4. Try to log in from another device to see if the page can be loaded or not
  5. Remove the image and try to re-upload it and check.
  6. Resize the photo and image resolution for better performance.

10. 400 errors

400 errors are HTTP client errors. They have numbered from 400 to 499. It occurs when there is a communication problem happens with your server system. Different client errors have different ways to solve the issues. And some are forbidden errors like 403 errors occurring or not working. 

11. Internal server error

Internal server error generally occurs when your server has crashed or your access has been denied. It can occur due to lack of clarity as well. But you can fix this server error for your site by following a few steps. You can also take help from a server error guide. 

12. Increase maximum upload file size

Actually, WordPress sites have a definite size limit for uploading any file. It depends on several factors. For example, your site can take a maximum of 25 MB-sized files. But you are trying to upload a large file consisting of more than 25 MB. Then you may get an error message or warning. They will show you your file limit. 

Though you can increase your upload file size, it won’t work for all hosting plans. In that case, you can either talk to your hosting provider or resize your file. 

13. Maximum execution time exceeded

When your site is taking more time for processing data and can’t finish within the time, the process may fail to complete. You can solve this issue by adding the code from below-

Max_execution_time = 60 

On the other hand, you can contact your hosting provider to solve this issue. It will be a better option. 

Please check further status as well before contacting your hosting provider.

  1. Your internet connection is okay or not
  2. Your device is connected to a valid net connection or not
  3. If it is a browser problem, check through other browsers if you can access your site or not
  4. It can be a temporary problem that may occur for slow internet connection or device problem. You have to wait sometime and then try again. 

14. Failed to write file to disk

If you see a message like this and can’t upload your photo or file, then check your file permission settings. This problem may occur when you are trying to upload a heavy-sized image. 

Generally, there are two main causes behind this problem-

  1. Incorrect file permissions.
  2. A server error.

If your file permission is correct then contact to your hosting provider about solving this issue. You may check help guide or search Google for solutions as well. 

15. Connection timed out

If you are facing a connection timed out on your site, check the administrative settings first. This is a common problem for website owners and especially, for shared hosting plans. 

There are more than one solution for this problem-

  1. Deactivate all plugins and install them again 
  2. Switch to a default WordPress theme
  3. Cancel the uploading file and make it small in size and upload it again
  4. Lastly, you can increase your memory or file size to solve this issue.

If nothing works, then contact to your hosting provider to solve this problem. 

16. Secure connection error

You may face a secure connection error for your website when the server is incorrectly configured. When someone else is trying to access your website or some virus may affect your secure connection. For some time, your site becomes unable to connect to the WordPress organization.

In this case, you can wait for a few minutes, this error will be automatically solved. If it is not solved, wait till 24 hours and then contact your hosting provider. 

17. Cloud flare error 521

Cloud flare is an active security service that can also speed up your site. But this service may sometimes be unable to connect to your server. For solving this issue, you have to make sure your server is working properly or not. You have to also find out if your firewall is blocking your IP ranges. Also, you can contact your hosting provider for any kind of help. 

18. Images are corrupted or not working

If your images, media files, are corrupted or broken and stopped working, you can find messages like this- “images stopped working” or failed to open. If you have updated your plugins recently, try to deactivate them. You can also file the permission folder and admin security page to solve this issue.  

19. WordPress syntax errors

Syntax errors actually show when something goes wrong with your code’s structure. It does not happen spontaneously. Occasionally, it may happen in one of two situations:

  1. After you added some custom code, it may cause a syntax error to your site. 
  2. You have installed a new plugin or theme that introduced a syntax error to your site.

Generally, if this type of problem occurs, cancel the changes that you made in your site. Check the recently added code if they are valid or not. Additionally, you can also contact your site host as well. You can also allow WordPress debug mode to track and solve this problem. 

20. Locked out of your admin page

The most frustrated problem occurs when you are locked out of your admin page. Without being an admin, you can’t do much to your website

Despite many causes, fixing your admin access isn’t so difficult. Following the troubleshooting guide, you can solve it.  You can also try by changing your admin password if it works. 

You may find some other problems as well and some of the problems may take more than 48 hours to solve. But the problems mentioned above are 20 common problems that most WordPress users face and experience. Even some of the users often face more than one problem daily. In this case, stop using your site for one or two days and contact your WordPress host to look into this matter. 


These are some of the problems of the WordPress website. I try to explain them and show you the way of solving these problems on your own. Remember, all the site errors may not occur for you. Sometimes, it can be the main host problem as well. So, don’t be frustrated. Simply, contact your host or check if they leave any message for your site. You will find out how much time it will take to make your site active again. It is time to say bye-bye to your website problems and enjoy a safe and problem-free blogging experience. Your site will be fast and embedded with modern features. Don’t be afraid of the site troubles, there is always a way to solve it. Thanks for reading Solved ! WordPress Common 20 Problems

Stay safe and happy. 



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