Learn WordPress Basic For Beginners

Learn WordPress Basic For Beginners WordPress, Joomla and Drupal is the CMS. Among them WordPress is most popular CMS. Today We will learn about WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content Management System. We can make websites using the WordPress CMS Without any coding skills and easily. The WordPress Website is very easy to customizable. We can publish our content easily using wordPress. An administrator and moderator can control the published articles and comments. You can earn money from a good wordpress website from Google adSense by monetizing your valuable contentful wordpress website.

You can learn more from http://wordpress.org official site.

How to Install WordPress?

You can Install WordPress by following two methood.

At first you need to download Worpress, or WordPreess.org

Method 01 and Method 02

Method 01: Method one is install wordpress on local server. Install processes are very simple. 

How do you make local server?

You should download a software which is Xampp or Wamp. So go to the site for download Xampp and for wamp.

Note: Any one software work as a server. No need to install both software.

Step 01. Download Xampp Or Wamp
Step 02. Install Xampp Or Wamp

How to Install Xampp?

After download latest Xampp installer of executable file (.exe)

  1. Double Click Xampp.exe
  2. Select language, Click ok
  3. Click Next button
  4. Choose location for installation folder.
    Defult is c:\xampp
  5. You will see Xampp installation.
  6. After completing insatlation Open Xamp Control panel.
  7. Run Apache and MySQL.

WordPress Installation:

Step : A

01. Download WordPress. ( If you already download no need do again the same things)

02. After downloading wordpress, unzip it.

03. Copy the wordpress folder (You can Rename it, it’s optional).

04. Go to your Xampp installation drive and find Xampp folder

05. Find another folder htdoc

06. Paste wordpress copy file.

Step: B

01. Open your browser.

02. https://localhost – Write on address bar

  Congratulations, you made a server only for you.

03. Click phpMyadmin under the tools section.

04. Create a database. 

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